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Tantric Embodiment with Agni Chandra


Tap into your raw authenticity

Explore your orgasmic potential

Experience through your body

Your Guide


My name is Agni Chandra. Agni means «the fire» and Chandra «the moon».

I am a Lover of Life, finding deepest pleasure in connection with my body. I am Priestess of Eros, reclaiming the innocence of sexuality through breath and tantric bodywork. I am a humble disciple of Green Tara - Tibetan Deity representing the wisdom of compassion which is my highest aspiration.

I am deeply devoted to my daily tantric and yogic practices. This devotion as well as profound Kundalini awakening gave birth to my dedication to Tantric Embodiment. This modality teaches how to channel Kundalini Shakti energy towards Liberation. For past 3 years I show up every morning live to guide tantric breath work and meditation as my heart offering.

Nothing brings me more joy than to hold space for others to experience their freedom through the body. To see how the breath opens and the sigh comes out shamelessly. Nothing brings me more joy than to see people thriving again, after reconnecting with themselves. Being trauma informed I hold space empowering to choose what serves you best. I encourage you to listen first and primarily to whatever speaks to you from inside.

Tantric Embodiment is a Path to be Fully You


Do you want to be more vibrant and alive?

Do you want more connection with your body?

Are you ready to be orgasmic with every single breath?


What is Tantric Embodiment?


Tantric embodiment methodology is a path to express your authentic Self through the body.

We use modern somatic exercises as well as tantric and yogic practices to awaken your natural potency.

Tantric Embodiment uses breath, sound and movement to embody a way of being, in which your breath becomes open, voice shameless and body movements free. To express whatever is present in the moment.

Tantric Embodiment awakens your capacity to receive more Life Force. The energy that wants to express through you.

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Daily Tantric Devotion 


We offer a monthly subscription to daily Tantric practices guided by Agni Chandra. You get access to two practices:

Tantric Breathwork & Meditation  

Mon/Wed/Fri | 9am CET / 8am WET | 45min

Plus 7-day access to recordings of each session available for self-pace practice.

Chakras Activation

Sunday | 11am CET / 10am WET | 75min

Plus 7-day access to recording available for self-pace practice.

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Tantric Embodiment Mini Course


You will receive life-time access to high quality embodiment transmission for:

  • Erotic body activation (26 min)
  • Heart soothing and nourishing (22 min)
  • Full energy sovereignty (17 min)
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After practice impressions


Tantric Embodiment is for you if...


… you want to awaken your life force energy 

… you feel disconnected from the body 

… you had a sudden energy awakening and it left you feeling confused

… you  wish to channel your Life Force towards Liberation

… you notice distortion in your sexual energy: very low or high and beyond control

… you feel there is more that you can experience from life

Podcast about tantric path with Agni Chandra hosted by Simon Transparently

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„Through Tantric Embodiment you’ll learn to Make Love to Life. Imagine being constantly a bit horny by the simple fact that you are breathing.“


What practitioners say about Tantric Embodiment and working with Agni Chandra.

Aleksandra Zuber

"I participate every morning virtually in the tantric breathwork and on Sundays in the Chakra Activation. They really help me to 1) Kickstart the day with inner peace and energetic activation 2) Process emotions 3)  Find connection with myself and the divine 4)  Find clarity and alignment. Agni has such a special intuitive way of guiding you and just by being in her energy is calming, centering and uplifting. Just join, you will find so much value! Thank you Agni for your special dharma you share with the world!"

Agnes Mergel

"I have been practicing yoga with Agni for more than 6 months now. I can´t put into words how much her presents transformed my life. I am more than grateful for this whole journey. Agni is a very inspiring woman with so much fire and compassion in her heart. I love her authenticity. I recommend it to everyone to pass by if you are in Lagos or even online for her Tantric Breathwork."


"For me it really feels like steeping into another timeline where everything is intensified. And in such a beautiful tangible way. There is this heightened awareness for the movement of energy in the body and this natural movements occurring, for me especially the undulating spine (mhmm so sooooo good!! ❤️‍🔥). There is this really felt sense of this broad consciousness that allows to detect all those small energetic dances happening all throughout the body.
It’s really a method that allows to go directly to source energy. Thank you - really - so much for making that experience available in such a profound and simple way! 🙏🏼

In deep reverence for that infinite intelligence that you are guided by and channel for ♥️"

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Tantric Embodiment practice in nature

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