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Tantric Embodiment Session

Saturday practice with Agni Chandra


Create perfect circumstances for Kundalini energy to awaken and flow though your body more freely bringing healing and consciousness expansion.

Saturday 7pm CET (6pm Lisbon time), 75min, live and online

Through this video taste the flavor of the group session


We balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system by awakening the energy and relaxing into the new expansion, so it becomes familiar and more at ease.

During 75min session we awaken energy through breath, sounds and movement.

We include sexual energy into the practice, which is felt as aliveness in the pelvic area and we spread it through the whole body to higher energy centers.

We move the energy using tantric and yogic technics as well as modern somatic exercises such as: pelvic floor activation, spinal undulation, energy locks (bandhas), breathwork (pranayam), free voicing, energy activating practices (kundalini kriya), breath holds (kumbaka) and hand gestures (mudra).

All is combined in a wisely design session that is supporting the organic flow of your lifeforce.

The most significant aspect of the practice is relaxation into intensity of the energy flow. It strengthens our nervous system to deal better with emotions that come with daily challenges.

Saturday Tantric Embodiment session


  • One time access to live transmission of the session
  • Access to recording for 7 days after practice

Why to awaken Kundalini energy?

  • to turn on the volume of reality and have more juice in life
  • to feel your creative power and to be able to manifest it into the world
  • to feel aligned and magnetic
  • to expand consciousness
  • to heal old patterns with more clarity, so they don’t overwhelm you


Why to RELAX into it?

If energy awakening is too intense, we may start to feel overwhelmed with emotions and changes in our life. It may give us a sense of being ungrounded. So to be able to enjoy life, in it’s intensity, we keep awakening the energy and relaxing into it. Finally its all about to feel grounded and expanded at the same time.

Your Guide

My name is Agni Chandra. Agni means «the fire» and Chandra «the moon».

I am a Lover of Life, finding deepest pleasure in connection with my body. I am a Priestess of Eros, reclaiming the innocence of sexuality through breath and tantric bodywork. I am a humble disciple of Green Tara - Tibetan Deity representing the wisdom of compassion which is my highest aspiration.

I am deeply devoted to my daily tantric and yogic practices. This devotion as well as profound Kundalini awakening gave birth to my dedication to Tantric Embodiment. 

Being trauma informed I hold space empowering to choose what serves you best. My life brings an abundance of love on many levels. From this place I’m inviting you to join me on this journey if you feel the resonance.

"Our presence can be focused in three realms: outside reality, our thoughts and judgements or in body felt sense. Anchoring yourself in the body allows you to be present in the moment now and have direct, unfiltered experience of reality."

Session booking

Saturday Tantric Embodiment session


  • One time access to live transmission of the session
  • Access to recording for 7 days after practice


These practices are available for everyone, also with no previous experience. However, strong Yogic breathing is not recommended if you suffer from:

  • Serious heart problems
  • Epileptic attacks
  • Serious HBP
  • Recent surgery on the torso
  • Recent brain surgery
  • Suffering from psychosis or recent trauma
  • When pregnant for longer than 3 months

If you have any serious health condition, you should always consult medical professional before joining the session.